LOS in an abbrevitation for “Learning Organizations Society”, but “los” is also the Norwegian word for guiding who safely steers a ship through unknown waters. Hence the nautical theme of the logo – a compass with a stylized sailboat functioning as the needle, with the company name at the center.

The typography features two balancing fonts, one for headlines and one for bodytext. Light blue blocks of color are used to highlight words or parts of sentences.

The main palette consists of cool hues in blue and green, underlining the nautical and maritime theme of the logo. A bright pink colos is added for highlights and to add a stylish and modern touch.

The pink highlight color is effectively used as an eye-catching element in the bus stop billboard. Even though the message is short and informations limited, it draws the immediate attention of the passerby, guiding their eyes towards the website address beneath and finally to the logo at the bottom.

LOS Norge

Professional, minimalistic and timeless were keywords when developing the visual identity for LOS Norge, a non-profit organization helping companies develop systematic approaches to organizational learning.

LOS Norge
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