Nature as a starting point

When you visit Artsdatabankens offices in Trondheim, you are welcomed by an environment developed for an efficient workday with a high degree of focus. The environment contributes to good interaction between colleagues, which help to lower the pulse and create wellbeing. Much of this thanks to conscious use of different color and materials, a thoughtful floor pan, well planned lighting and a stunning view of Trondheimsfjorden and Munkholmen outside.

Artsdatabanken serves as a national source of information on species and ecosystems in Norway. When relocating to new offices at Pirsenteret, Signed by Sensa was engaged to assist throughout the process, from concept to completion.

Interior Architecture | Furniture Design | Graphic Design
Lykt AS


As the officespace lay almost paralell with the fjord, the floor plan has been created so that the worplaces in open plan are facing the water. This with the intent that as many employees as possible can enjoy the unique view. The workplaplaces are diveded into smaller zones by multi-room and small meeting rooms to reduce both visual and auditory noise and easily allow for smallscale conversations without disturbing other colleagues.


With nature as a theme, a rich color and material palette was created, giving all the rooms their own identity, while linking it all together in materiality. The colors, among other things, were inspired bt photographs in Artsdatabankens own database of various species such as mammals, fungi, moss, beetles, birds and fish.


The use of green plants has been an important part of the concept and a desire from the employees. In addition to trees and green plants, both in social zones and in open pan, a corner between the kitchen and lounge is covered in moss from floor to ceiling. In the social zone, in addition to the colors of the furniture, wood is chosen on the wall and in furniture details to provide warmth and tactility.

Special fittings

Signed by Sensa have designed special fittings such as a wardrobe with an artsdisplay-wall, sofatable, oakwall, meeting room tables and dining table. These are all made by Lium Møbelverksted, located in Trondheim.


The lighting has has been made in cooperation with electrician O. Løkken and supplier Stokkan Lys, with emphasis on varied lighting that must fulfill the functions of the zones they are located in.