Teaching and learning about complex subjects such as IP, IPR, Innovation and Standardization is a challenging task. To facilitate understanding and make it more engaging, we paired the challenging subject matter with super naive cartoonlike illustrations.

A digital platform and short learning modules enable users to learn on-the-go and at their own convenience. The modules consist of ilustrations combined with text, and to ensure learning outcome reflection tasks are given at the end of each module.

The main logo consists of an icon and a customized font, spelling the product name. The icon is made up of two stylized hooks that interconnect forming a tilted square. It is minimalistic, professional, and clean. An optional and changeable tagline makes up part three of the logo.

HOOKS | Bite-sized learning

Consulting firm House of Knowledge came to us wanting help developing illustrations and visual content for an on-demand training concept int the fields of IP, IPR and innovation.

Main challenge: Translating complex and demanding material into easily understandable images.

House of Knowledge AS
2016 - 2018
Graphic Design | Conceptual Design | Illustration